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More new evidence for the benefit of fiber in the diet for IBD

I love the way IBD diet research results are becoming easier to obtain and at the same time easier to share…
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First thing I saw at my desk this morning — an email alert about a new IBD diet study in China.

Because I select what publications generate an email alert to me,


this article reports a research study smack dab in the middle of my passionate interest…

dietary fiber and gut inflammation in mice!

Of course, I get extra excited when one more study so clearly demonstrates one more time a mechanism that helps explain my amazing success with diet alone for Crohn’s disease.

This article is another one of a host of research studies that I must review and include under the “Relevant Research” tab.

For now, you can see the abstract of the article by clicking HERE

As you read the abstract, it will help if you understand these terms:

  • dietary non-digestible polysaccharides = dietary fiber
  • ameliorate = to make better
  • intestinal epithelial barrier = the lining of the intestines (the barrier must let just the right substances through to maintain a healthy gut)
  • dysfunction = one of the problems in Crohn’s disease is that the intestinal barrier is leaky – it lets substances through that should be kept out of the body
  • IL-10 knockout mice = specially bred laboratory mice with a genetic mutation that causes them to develop gut inflammation

So… hooray for the technology that helped me read about this exciting study done in China.

Double-yay that it took me about 2 minutes to

share it on Twitter!

By tweeting, I connect with other people with IBD, researchers who study IBD, health care providers who treat IBD, and dietitians who advise people with IBD…

all around the world!
Credit: Canstock photo
Credit: Canstock photo