The fiber in Kellogg’s All-Bran protected mice from colitis

Nagy-Szakal D, Hollister EB, Luna RA, et al. Cellulose Supplementation Early in Life Ameliorates Colitis in Adult Mice. PloS one 2013;8:e56685.

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Relevance: The research team at Baylor College of Medicine had previously observed that lab mice are less susceptible to colitis when they receive a diet with adequate dietary fiber. This observation prompted them to systematically test the effects of cellulose on colitis in mice.

In this published study, the team used cellulose, the specific insoluble fiber contained in my All-Bran cereal. They reported their findings, which included a number of important beneficial changes in the gut tissues and gut microbiota. The benefits found in the mice on a high-fiber diet remained for some time after the high-fiber diet was stopped, then the benefits went away.

The authors were disappointed that temporary use of fiber did not result in a permanent benefit after it was stopped. Having found cellulose to be 100% reliable for my remission from Crohn’s disease for as long as I eat it, I am excited to read about this study that demonstrates my message. Fiber does not cure colitis for me, but it protects me 100% from experiencing the effects of Crohn’s disease. I learned in the first few years (1977-1981) that I cannot stop eating fiber, because the benefits of fiber stop when I stop eating fiber. SO WHAT? I just keep eating fiber!!!!

Hopefully the Baylor team and others will follow-up this study with more research along these lines. Research question: What happens if cellulose (insoluble fiber) is restarted… will the benefits be restored?