6 Reasons Fiber Will NOT Work for Everyone with Crohn’s Disease

What works for me may not work for someone else (and may be dangerous):

  1. Another person’s DNA is not the same as mine.
  2. Another person’s microorganisms are not the same as mine.
  3. Another person may be farther into the disease process than I was when I changed my diet.
  4. Another person may be older and aged tissue may not be as resilient.
  5. Another person may have a different disease (even if a person has Crohn’s disease, there are different forms of Crohn’s disease, called “phenotypes”)
  6. Another person may not be willing to adhere to a healthy diet as I do.

Still, I believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn what scientists have already figured out about dietary fiber and gut inflammation. Technology has advanced and science has moved forward regarding dietary fiber and its effect on the microbiome, and gut inflammation. Thus, I offer my website for informational purposes only. I will write in layman’s terms as much as possible. I hope that this information will equip people around the world to engage in updated discussions about fiber with their care providers, families, friends, and other sufferers of Crohn’s disease. I also hope that, after discussing these ideas with their provider, readers will be able to make more informed decisions while trying to eat for a healthy gut.